Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

There is no denying the fact that roofs are not designed to last forever. With the amount of wear and tear that our homes take every day as the Texas sun beats down, yearly rain and hail as well as the high winds, it is no surprise that roof shingles get damaged over time. And aside from the weather, decay and wear also take their toll on even the highest quality roofing materials over time. So, the question is not whether or not you will ever need to replace a roof; the question is whether you need a roof replacement now or if it can wait until later.


When roofs are old and worn out they can turn an otherwise beautiful home into an eyesore. Aside from the aesthetic quality of the home, the aging roof can also put you and everyone in your home at greater risk from leaking, which eventually will lead to significant water damage inside the home if left uncorrected. You can always just patch up the worn spots, of course, but who wants to live under a patchwork roof? As these little repairs become more frequent and your roof is looking worse with each patch job, it may be time to consider roof replacement. LTH Roofing & Construction is your solution for all your commercial and residential roofing replacements and repairs.

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Gutter Installation/Replacement

We make gutter replacement simple by offering only the highest-quality products, custom crafting them on-site and backing them with our exclusive warranty.


Too often, we see homeowners dragging out their ladder, climbing up to their roof and scraping dirt and debris from sagging aluminum gutters. We have a better solution here at LTH Roofing.


We offer top-quality, virtually maintenance-free gutter systems that will eliminate that hassle from your life! By installing durable seamless gutters, attractive, and maintenance-free, we’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your gutters look good and function properly without requiring your constant attention. You can count on the experience of LTH Roofing to make your life easier!

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Window Installation

​We offer a variety of window options, with Vinyl windows (made from polyvinyl chloride) being our most popular window in use today due to their low-maintenance and affordability. Vinyl windows are reliably strong and energy efficient, saving you money in both cold and warm weather conditions. These windows are generally the best “bang for your buck.” Paint colors for vinyl windows are now available with a 15-year warranty against fading, cracking or chipping lit.



Call us for all your fencing needs, from custom builds to repairs. Did recent storms cause damage or completely destroy your existing fence? We realize you need help fast. We specialize in Wrought Iron, PVC (vinyl), and Wood Fences and Gates, Power Washing and Staining.


Because your outdoor living area and fence are special to you, we prioritize a quality installation to meet your satisfaction!

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Interior & Exterior Painting

Our Quality Interior and Exterior Painting begins with selecting top-line materials.  Low-grade materials may save a few bucks up front, but savings can quickly be lost when additional paint coats are required or the material fails to wear well.  We suggest using top-shelf paints, stains, primers, and sealant, Masking & Property Protection.


The last thing we want to do is make a huge mess at your home. So, we create a protected work area by masking off flooring, furniture, etc., to ensure we leave the job-site as clean as or cleaner than we found it. Accidents happen. Paint spills. Masking not only helps us contain the mess while we are working, but makes for easy cleanup when we are done. Many painters skip this important step to try and save time and expense. In reality, the masking is not that expensive, and the time invested is worth the return and the guarantee that no mess is left behind. The potential damage caused by an accident can easily exceed the cost of a paint job. When accidents happen, many painters walk off the job, never to be found, leaving you holding the bag. One of our pet peeves is paint left on light switches, electrical outlets, and door knobs, so we take time to protect them with masking and remove any mishaps.

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is more than a cosmetic enhancement for your home, it also protects your home from the every day wear and tear of the elements. Damage from the sun, the rain and the snow, all of which accelerate the decay of craftsmanship that was put into the building of your home. 

Our skilled professionals take great pride in their work, which will show in the seamless beautification of your home. Call us today for a quote.


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